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3 Tips for a Professional Social Media Profile Picture

By September 10, 2019 September 16th, 2019 No Comments

Whether you’re on social media for your personal account or for promoting your business, having a professional profile picture is a key first step towards making a great impression online.¬†

Before we go any further, take a minute to think about how you interact on your own social media accounts.

As you’re scrolling through your feed and you stop on a post that grabbed your attention, your eyes quickly glance to see who posted such a great piece of content. We’re such visual creatures that we’d bet you’re not glancing up to read the name, rather that little bubble of a profile picture just before it. If that person has a photo that is easily recognizable, you’ll know immediately who posted so you can give a mental high-five for a great post and move on.

For businesses, your profile picture can be a first impression for potential clients, and is a direct representation of you and your brand. No matter what platform you use, people are creating opinions about whether or not they may be a fit for you and your brand simply based off of a thumbnail.

So, what may seem like a minor detail could actually be costing you big.

In our YouTube video this week, we discuss a few tips we’ve found help the most when it comes time to create a crowd pleasing¬†profile picture that will influence your audience, help you gain more followers, and form a rock solid brand.

Don’t let avoiding this one simple step cost you any more. Invest in your online presence and get your profile picture game on point! Watch the video below to hear the three tips for a professional profile picture!

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