Helping your clients get the
most out of your platform

We help bridge the gap by taking care of the heavy lifting for your clients and empower them to use your platform to its fullest potential.

Library Consulting

We will review your client’s current visual asset library and provide them a thorough assessment and guidance on how best to optimize their new library on your platform.

I N C L U D E S :
  • Library Health Report
  • Metadata Rating
  • Proposed Action Items
  • Access to Training Materials
  • DAM Questionnaire Results
  • Metadata Policy Considerations
  • Eight Hours of Remote Training

DAM Workshop

Our experts will travel to your client’s office to conduct an in-depth assessment with the team, and develop the right implementation strategy for library migration and launch.

I N C L U D E S :
  • Controlled Vocabulary
  • Folder Hierarchy
  • Metadata Policy
  • Nomenclature
  • Tiered Build Roadmap

Migration & Launch

Our team will handle your client’s entire DAM implementation process and workload (including: training, centralization, migration, and curation of your client’s entire digital asset library).

I N C L U D E S :
  • Pre-DAM workshop 
  • Custom Best Practice Guide
  • Permissions implementation
  • Master folder structure
  • Assets fully culled, captioned, keyworded, renamed, migrated

Library Management

Our team of curators will regularly manage your client’s entire library and handle curation and organization of all incoming and ongoing digital assets.

I N C L U D E S :
  • Curation of incoming assets
  • Custom Best Practice Guide
  • Master Keyword List
  • Account Onboarding
  • Data/Analytics Reports
  • Library Architect Site Visits
  • Speed Build of priority assets
  • 24-36 hour turnaround on new assets
  • Permissions Management
  • Library Audits

“What used to be a messy file organization across multiple servers has now become a magical, lightning-fast repository for all internal media. Anyone in the company can find exactly what they need in seconds! We can also load imagery and pull it down in near real time for special events. It has vastly improved our internal process!”

Fletcher CaldwellSenior Manager, Costar Group

"I have been greatly impressed with the Stacks team and their uncanny ability to deliver excellence in a sometimes changing or challenging environment. Their ability to scale at a moment’s notice is huge differentiator for us. I can unconditionally recommend their work, quality, delivery and professionalism."

Steve BevilacquaOptimity Advisors, Senior Manager

“The Stacks team was a huge help during our DAM workshop. They kept us focused and organized, while creating an engaging atmosphere that allowed each participant the opportunity to contribute. We established a master keyword list, folder hierarchy, file naming policy and meta-data structure in one day!”

Shawn WoodwardGlynnDevins

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