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Visual Asset Management at Your Own Pace

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With the Stacks Do It Yourself Visual Asset Curation Course, brands can now organize and manage their visual assets at a pace that makes sense for them.


The original goal when Stacks was founded was to help enterprise companies cull, rename, apply appropriate metadata, and store visuals in an intuitive, cloud-based asset library. However, as we began to spread the message about our organization, we heard from business owners of all types. In a way, it surprised us. In every way, it humbled us.
We had built our original business model around catching the big fish, yet, our net had plenty of welcomed room for the smaller onestoo.  Accordingly, we began to think about how we could help all brands, regardless of their size, since most shared a common pain point we could solve, the frustration of unorganized visual files costing time and money. 
As a result, we developed the Stacks DIY Visual Asset Curation Course. Our course allows those who are ready to organize their files, to work through each lesson when, where, and how it works best for their team. Through guided screen recordings, they can learn everything from understanding what it means to be in the middle of the visual revolution to suggested cloud-based platforms that could be home for their newly organized visual assets.
Whether teams opt for the entire course or only specific lessons they need support with, they’ll receive an insiders look at the very process we use with our consulting clients, and will be able to get their visual assets properly organized and safely stored for good.
We invite you to head over to for more information about the Stacks DIY Visual Asset Curation Course and to begin working through the 10 strategically curated lessons today!
If you’d like to get to know us a little better, be sure to read how our Founder, Casey Templetonwas faced with a careerchanging situation that ultimately led to the creation of Stacks here.

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