Customer Testimonials

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“Quick and painless experience to migrate a TON of digital and design assets (all while entering a completely remote work environment due to the pandemic). It would have been a nightmare to navigate asset accessibility in a remote world if Stacks hadn’t helped us get up and running on PhotoShelter in this very efficient, quick, and timely manner!”

Social Media Coordinator

“With an increase to the number of visual assets being produced, we fell behind on keywording game photos for the 2019 season. In less than a month, Stacks was able to get us caught up on the full season, greatly improving the speed in which assets can be located. Player, coach and sponsor photos are now easy to search and find for any user in the organization.”

Digital Media Coordinator
Baltimore Ravens

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“What used to be a messy file organization across multiple servers has now become a magical, lightning-fast repository for all internal media. Anyone in the company can find exactly what they need in seconds! We can also load imagery and pull it down in near real time for special events. It has vastly improved our internal process!”

Senior Manager
CoStar Group

“The Stacks team was a huge help during our DAM workshop. They kept us focused and organized, while creating an engaging atmosphere that allowed each participant the opportunity to contribute. We established a master keyword list, folder hierarchy, file naming policy and meta-data structure in one day!”

Print Production Manager

Glynn Devins
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“I have been greatly impressed with the Stacks team and their uncanny ability to deliver excellence in a sometimes changing or challenging environment. Their ability to scale at a moment’s notice is huge differentiator for us. I can unconditionally recommend their work, quality, delivery and professionalism.”

Senior Manager
Optimity Advisors

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