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Building Your Program

Establish a scalable program of people, processes, and platforms


Do DAM right the first time by developing clear processes, workflows, and standards that will power your program for years to come.

DAM Program Development

Kick start your DAM program

Stacks will work with your core team to understand your technical needs, build a custom taxonomy, and develop user groups and permissions, all validated by your end-users for your peace of mind.

Guiding Your Team

Our team of DAM experts will help your team understand the ins and outs of digital asset management and apply them to your unique organization, staying aware of best practices for your industry.

Testing & Validation

Often, workflows and standards look great on paper, but don't work in the real world. Our team will ensure that your DAM program has been pressure tested by your users and will work on Day 1.

Training Materials & Resources

While processes are great, people are what generates real return on your DAM investment. Our team will ensure that your users are equipped with everything they may need to become your DAM champions.

DAM Therapy

Don’t break up with DAM!

Even the best DAM platforms can turn into junk drawers with frustrated users and unfindable assets. It’s okay - Stacks is here to help.

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Auditing Systems & Standards

Our team will become experts in your organization and your DAM program by taking a magnifying glass to every part of your DAM efforts, resulting in detailed recommendations.

Understanding Your Goals and Challenges

Like any good therapist, we get you talking. We will interview users at every level of the DAM program, survey the larger user group, and review documentation to gain a better understanding of your desired end-state and what's keeping you from getting there.

A Roadmap to Recovery

Following this intensive analysis, our experts will develop a custom roadmap full of priorities, activities, and changes to make your DAM program healthier and put you back on track. 

DAM Integrations

Create a connected content ecosystem

Our team, as experts in digital asset management, understands that DAM is not the only system where your valuable assets live. We will help you connect your systems to ensure efficiency across the board.

Consult, Scope, and Validate

As DAM experts, we have witnessed, participated in, and dealt with DAM integrations of all shapes and sizes. Using that knowledge, our team will help you roadmap, scope, and test a new integration.

Build & Host

Our team won't simply offer recommendations, leaving your IT team to find their own resources. We will work with both platforms to develop an integration to make your DAM program and entire content workflow more efficient.

Optimize & Evolve

Once up and running, the best integrations grow and evolve, adding layers of functionality, improving user experience, and removing bugs. Our team, as the hosts of the integrations, will assist in the long-term optimization of the connector.

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Successfully Take the Next Step in DAM

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