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Our focus is simple:

Make Digital Asset Management Easy

We’re a team of DAM directors, managers, and librarians that are passionate about making digital asset management easy and approachable. With the world creating more and more digital media every day, our goal is to help brands and organizations maximize the value of their content and facilitate the growth of their DAM programs.

Our Story

Stacks was founded in 2018 by a team of photographers and creative operations professionals who were united by a common goal: to make digital asset management easier and more accessible.

Since then, we have combined our experience in creative operations with direct DAM experience to develop a unique set of comprehensive, people-first methodologies and services. Stacks has facilitated the successful completion of over 75 unique DAM initiatives, developed dozens of multi-year DAM relationships, and managed millions of creative assets.

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Our Partners

Our Certified Partners

Though we work within many platforms, we are officially certified with the following, working with their teams directly to support their clients and teams.

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Our Team

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