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Since its start in 2016, MANSCAPED has gone from startup to one of the fastest-growing brands in the world. Learn how Stacks helped enable continued growth in a scalable and efficient way through digital asset management.

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From the beginning, MANSCAPED made its name marketing to Millennials and Gen Z on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with funny ads around male grooming. Now, they have expanded their marketing push to include platforms like TikTok and Tumblr, where users can get to know even more of the personality of the brand.

As Paul Tran, Founder and CEO, said in an interview with Forbes, "Our video advertisements on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram start a conversation and introduce the brand to our audience. [...] Through cheeky humor, we’re able to earn the right to speak to men about this particular grooming practice."

This marketing strategy helped MANSCAPED grow internationally and steadily increase its revenues, becoming a widely known brand in just a few years. As the company grew, creative services and marketing teams struggled to keep track of the sheer volume of content accumulating in the company's servers and Dropbox accounts. Up to date, on-brand content became difficult to find and share with colleagues quickly. This looming problem threatened to stunt the continued growth of the business.

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1. Scalable growth‍

MANSCAPED began as a startup, bootstrapping and making the most of its resources. To manage digital content, they relied on cloud-based storage systems like Dropbox, individual hard drives, and, eventually, a few company servers. As the organization grew, the digital "assets" the company used to connect with consumers became increasingly decentralized across several different locations. MANSCAPED needed a single place to manage their digital assets that could grow with the business.

2. Precise search‍

The traditional challenge with putting every piece of valuable content in one place is that the sheer volume makes it difficult to manage. Finding a single asset quickly becomes nearly impossible when employees need to sift through thousands of files per folder. MANSCAPED’s creative and marketing teams not only needed to find the right place to house their content but also to structure their library in an organized, efficient way so it could be searched quickly.

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Overcoming the Inevitable

Without anyone on their team with digital asset management (DAM) experience, the task of achieving these objectives seemed overwhelming. Due to the responsibilities required to keep the business running day-to-day, Lizzie Correia, MANSCAPED’s newly hired Creative Services Project Manager, knew a more experienced person could help them prioritize and execute their efforts. She decided to hire Stacks to meet their needs and after some initial meetings to understand MANSCAPED's needs, Stacks got to work making DAM easy for Lizzie and her team.

After gaining a deeper understanding of the team's workflows, the Stacks team used their vast network and experience in the DAM space to connect MANSCAPED with several platforms that met both their needs and budget. After choosing a platform, Stacks handled the work of populating the DAM with content, applying standards, and managing the system. At the same time, Lizzie and her team got up and running, creating more content, and continuing to connect with consumers.

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Stacks was the only agency that understood our needs. They narrowed down hundreds of DAMs to 2-3 options which would have taken us months to do.

Lizzie Correia, Creative Services Project Manager, Manscaped


A path to continued success

With the help of Stacks, MANSCAPED now has a scalable, populated, organized, centralized, and searchable system to store, share, search for, and use the digital content that’s fundamental to the brand's success. This enabled their team to confidently continue to leverage their marketing content to grow the business. An effective DAM program being implemented into their organization’s roots allows for the cheeky humor to continue across all channels.

Now Lizzie and her team can focus on using their plethora of content to keep the brand growing quickly. The company now has a wide selection of searchable, current assets at their fingertips and Stacks works in the background to ingest new content and ensure their Bynder DAM system runs smoothly.

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