5 Benefits of Digital Asset Management

Our top reasons digital asset management solutions can scale your day to day workflow.

Incorporating a new solution into your brand is no simple feat and we get that. It takes valuable time to implement and it takes long-term investment that could potentially incur risk. We have heard it time and time again in boardrooms all across the world. So to help positively tip the scales, we have put together our top five reasons we believe incorporating digital asset management (DAM) into your everyday will allow you to take back control of your visual assets and successfully scale your marketing efforts.

01.  Centralization

We have put this one at the top of the list because it is arguably the most important reason to consider implementing a DAM. Having all of your assets in one place takes the guesswork out of who has a certain video or if your graphic designer ever finished that campaign piece. When your DAM has been thoughtfully designed and created, the system, and the digital assets it contains, will outlive staff tenure and standardize methods of organization for every individual in your company.  

Thinking bigger, if you are using a cloud-based DAM system, centralization goes far beyond your day to day workings as well. With all of your visual assets in one place, safely stored in the cloud and accessible anytime, anywhere, strains on your IT department are relieved. Complex server systems that inevitably become clogged or run out of storage are no longer necessary, and the need to manage different technologies, in different office locations, using different methods of organization, is eliminated. Your arsenal of visual assets is in one central location with one standard structure, in one easy location.

02.  Power of Search

This was a very tight race between first and second ranking but ultimately, we thought it best to give an idea of the importance of having all of your digital assets in one place before we let you in on the one thing that makes centralization come alive; metadata.

Without the use of metadata, text data detailing information related to a digital asset, your DAM is simply a storage bin. Metadata empowers your team to search for any given digital asset using filenames, creation dates, keywords, categories and subcategories, or any other information needed. Metadata, and the fields it includes, are just as customizable and just as unique as your brand itself. 

Want to know more about metadata and why it is so valuable to your brand and DAM platform? LINK What is Metadata and Why It Matters LINK will walk you through the importance of including metadata fields into all of your assets and give you a look into the data behind the data.

03.  Savings and ROI

Time, money, and resources got your brand to where it is today, so why would you squander the very things that keep your doors open? Nobody wants to feel like time, money and resources are being mismanaged, but if your team is taking half a day to locate a certain file or you are setting up photoshoots to create media you are fairly certain was made two years ago, you are doing just that.

It is time to take control of costly and unnecessary spending. By utilizing a DAM technology, powerful metrics will provide detailed summaries on every asset in your library. This access to data driven analytics will pinpoint exactly where any gaps in your content may reside so you know where to invest next. A DAM will also give a clear indication of how often an asset is being downloaded, what department or office location it was downloaded by, and when and where the asset was used. Backed by these robust tools, you and your team are able to make budget friendly, strategic, creative decisions that will take your brand to all new heights.

04.  Reduce Workflow Redundancies

As we mentioned above, recreating assets can add up to be quite an expense, yet reducing workflow redundancies means more than just re-producing lost content. Your DAM solution will give clear insight to the types of visual assets you own and which visual assets work best for particular campaigns. 

Why reinvent the wheel? With content backups being continually stored in your DAM, your team will be able to view all design history of a particular asset from concept to realization. When working with new or recurring clients, in half the time, your entire team will know the exact brand guidelines and aesthetics to follow. If for some reason changes need to be made, a previous version can easily be restored, or quick and seamless modifications can be made.

Having a proper DAM in place can also help reduce workflow redundancies by avoiding the need to create new content all-together. DAM systems can extend the life of your visual assets by enabling the reuse of images, videos, and other design files or repurposing relevant assets to perfectly fit the need of any project. 

05.  Streamline Production and Distribution

We know efficiency is at the heart of every company and teams can really struggle if any process is even slightly off. DAM’s can improve everyday efficiency by streamlining production and distribution processes to ensure every member of your team, from stakeholders to existing staff, has what they need, exactly when they need it. 

By having all of your visual assets in one, organized, centralized location, members of your team can feel confident that they are using the most accurate, highest quality resources available. Cloud based DAM’s give your team the ability to interact with assets anytime and anywhere. They will have instant access to any file, which can be downloaded at any quality and dimension, eliminating the need for interdepartmental requests and the time waiting for those requests to be fulfilled

DAM’s also give you the power of permissioned access, meaning you can control who in your company has access to certain files and folders. Has your company gone through a recent rebranding? Make sure your former colors, logos, and company language are safely stored and can always be referred to, but ensure brand consistency and integrity remain intact by limiting access to these files by certain teams. 

At Stacks, we work alongside brands and DAMs to help improve process and efficiency. If you are in the market for a DAM and interested in finding out more about what options are available, get in touch today. We’re always happy to chat through short terms wins, long-term solutions, and everything in between. 

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