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How Does Stacks Work with NFL Teams and Sports Leagues?

Ben Owen

By Ben Owen | Jun 07, 2022

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How does digital asset management (DAM) apply to NFL teams and sports leagues?

NFL teams and sports leagues create some of the most compelling and exciting content out there, but how do they make sure it stays organized and easy to use for their internal teams and partners? Let's take an example of how Stacks works to make gameday images easy to find once the final whistle blows.

The Value of Gameday Assets

Touchdowns, 50-yard passes, sacks, and jukes. NFL teams have some of the most exciting players in the league that produce jaw-dropping highlights on a weekly basis. Capturing and distributing these moments are key to connecting with fans and growing the buzz around the team off the field. For the millions of fans not able to be in the stadium, seeing this content across many channels after the game is over is the only way for them to feel connected to the team and players they love.

To make sure this is achievable, internal workflows and processes need to be smooth and assets need to be searchable, easy to filter through, and available to the right people. Stacks works with teams and leagues using a proven process to get assets organized, as well as a standardized workflow for gameday assets that can be customized depending on the team.

Stacks Proven Process

Standard Gameday Asset Ingestion Workflow

Other Stacks Sports-Specific Services

1. Archive Enrichment

Your franchise undoubtedly has a storied history filled with championships and legends. Regardless of your current DAM platform, Stacks can help your team build and enrich your historical archive with metadata so you can leverage your assets to grow the fanbase.

2. Best Practices "Playbook"

Various teams and stakeholders share and use digital assets to grow your brand. Getting the various teams to work together effectively becomes challenging. Stacks will interview stakeholders, audit systems and standards, map processes, and lead custom workshops. Finally, we will deliver recommendations for new workflows and best practices.

3. Season-Long Support

Your internal team may have trouble using the content from games to generate buzz off the field. Stacks offers support ingesting, enriching, and organizing. This frees your team to focus on excelling in their roles and using their talents.


If you are a sports team or league and want to learn more about how Stacks can help optimize your gameday workflow or general DAM program, contact us today! Our proven process applies to not just the sports industry, but to all.

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