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Manage Your Brand with the Power of DAM

Maddie Synoground

By Maddy Synoground | Dec 09, 2021

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Your creative content is the foundation of your brand, and properly managing it is essential to creating a quality and memorable experience for your audience. Your brand is more than just logos, fonts, and color palettes. It’s your collective content, the story it tells, and how it’s presented. Each piece of content plays a role in distinguishing your brand from its competition, enhances its reputation, and helps it cultivate a loyal customer base. With thousands of digital touch-points, modernizing the way this content is delivered and managed is vital. So much of today’s media is consumed digitally that it’s more important than ever to maintain and grow your brand’s online presence. Digitizing your workflows to ensure content is accessible ensures consistency across your brand’s digital experiences and gives it the credibility it needs to grow.

Connecting your digital assets with the power of a digital asset management (DAM) platform can unify your digital content workflows, speed up internal processes, and allow more access and control across your entire organization. With a DAM solution in place, you can create, maintain, and continually improve upon the unique identity of your brand.

Centralize and Manage Brand Content

The overall process of managing a brand and its various components is usually dispersed across organizations, with different teams storing digital assets in separate content management systems. This siloed approach produces clunky and inefficient workflows. Streamlining the way your organization stores and retrieves its brand assets makes it much easier to manage them efficiently and effectively and scale your content.

By implementing a DAM platform you can create a central repository that gives you the ability to control, update, and easily share digital assets internally and externally. When every asset is managed properly and is easily obtainable, its value increases. More valuable content means more meaningful experiences for your audience. When marketers spend less time looking for current and approved assets, they have more time to create custom brand experiences and explore new advertising channels and touch-points. With a centralized solution for all your digital content and brand assets, workflows around them are more unified, collaborative, and accessible.

In addition to centralizing and providing widespread access to brand assets, a DAM platform allows you to control what materials are being used and by whom. With numerous permissions and rights management solutions, the use and distribution of assets is controlled and clearly defined. Abilities like restricting access to content and archiving assets after usage rights expire can protect sensitive content from being shared incorrectly or outside its usage rights term.

Manage Brand Guidelines

One of the best ways to manage your brand and ensure consistency is to set brand guidelines. By establishing clearly defined standards for all your assets, you can guarantee you’re delivering relevant and on-brand content every time. Making only the most accurate and up-to-date assets available to your end-users prevents your brand from being portrayed incorrectly and becoming distorted over time.

Alongside your brand guidelines, you can store and manage brand assets, like logos, fonts, and images in your DAM system. This ensures that only the most current and accurate brand assets are available for use, and allows you to easily control the use of old and outdated ones. Consistency is vital, and a DAM platform can help you prevent the misuse of assets and deliver only appropriate and finalized content every time. Both brand guidelines and assets should be readily available to both internal and external teams. With a DAM in place, they’re at the center of your content library, in an easy-to-use digital format.

Increase Brand Reputation

Just like every other aspect of your brand, its reputation is also an asset. Understanding how your brand is perceived and how to continually improve upon this image is a necessary part of managing it. But building a reputation is a process in itself, and it needs to be constantly monitored and reevaluated. While there isn’t a specific way to build a desirable reputation, there are numerous ways a DAM solution can assist. One of the biggest is by facilitating the delivery of on-brand content. With the help of a DAM system, digital assets, brand guidelines, and finalized content are easy to find, revise, and share. Consistent and meaningful content builds a strong brand and trustworthy reputation.

Additionally, a DAM makes it easy to quickly update, reuse, and repurpose valuable content to create new and customized brand experiences. This can speed up workflows and deliver a greater amount of content to more channels. When you provide quality and uniform brand presence every time, across various marketing channels, consumers know what to expect, and can rely on your brand for a quality experience.

Building a trustworthy brand isn’t a quick or easy task, but a DAM system can speed up and simplify every step of the process.


Your greatest asset is your brand, and the content it’s composed of needs to be managed, maintained, and readily available. Managing all the pieces of your brand shouldn’t be difficult or siloed across different teams. It should be simple and consistent. A DAM solution that fits your organization is one of the best ways to modernize your workflows and leverage ever-changing digital platforms. A single source of truth can support your digital branding needs, speeding up time-to-market and ensuring you stay on-brand every time. Less time spent finding assets, using old logos, or recreating lost content means more time to explore new and innovative ways to connect with consumers and grow your brand.

Stacks offers various DAM consulting services and can help you find a system that fits your organization’s unique needs and workflows. To learn more about how DAM can manage and grow your brand, contact us today!

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