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DAM Programs aren’t just for marketing teams, they are for everyone.

The world of Digital Asset Management (DAM) has changed dramatically as the software and platforms have evolved. No longer are they only tools for marketing teams, they have now become a vital component in many teams throughout organizations. Having that single source of truth that can be accessed company wide is a game changer when it comes to collaboration among teams. Here are some other departments that will appreciate having a DAM solution.

5 Non-Marketing Teams that Benefit from DAM Platforms

1. Sales

When it comes to knowing your clients, it’s hard to think of another team in an organization better than your sales team. The sales staff have the unique opportunity to talk with potential clients to see what pain points they have and how your product or service might be able to help them. In this process, a well equipped sales team should have a library of assets at their disposal to help cater their pitch to their specific clients. That’s where an organized DAM solution can step in and allow them to have curated collections to quickly access content that will be of value to their clients. Many DAM platforms have integrations with CRM software to make this easier on the salespeople distributing content and staying on top of follow ups. For example, IntelligenceBank integrates directly in Salesforce. This direct line to the platform allows sales teams to work more efficiently and close more deals.

2. Human Resources (HR)

The employees of a company are its backbone and the key to its success. A human resources team has the task of keeping track of employee profiles, healthcare forms, and various other reports and documents. If only there was a way for an HR representative to organize their employee files and pertinent company information…well, with a DAM program in place, your HR team can easily search and sort everything they need to access and remove the scattered files that more than likely live on their desktops currently. This is even more important when your HR team consists of more than one individual.

3. Finance

The finance and accounting team has the very important task of keeping track of the money coming in and going out of the organization. On any given day, there are invoices and receipts coming in from multiple sources, both internally and externally. It’s hard to imagine a team that needs proper storage capabilities more than your finance and accounting team. A DAM platform with a good host of integrations can save them time and money. Some (like IntelligenceBank) even allow them to edit their spreadsheets directly in the DAM system, allowing them to only have to access a single location to keep their books up to date.

4. Operations

Depending on the industry, your company’s clients are being served by some sort of operations team. This team is responsible for the day-to-day data flowing through the company. For example, they might need to be able to track a customer who just onboarded and needs help with their setup, and at the same time serve individuals who have been clients for years with their data and upkeep. All this work comes with its own host of forms, documents, spreadsheets, etc… I think you can probably guess what I am going to recommend that every operations team have in its arsenal. A healthy DAM platform can help alleviate a lot of those pain points of scattered reports and assets. Just like every other team in a company, the more people you have in this team, the greater the need for a single source of truth is.

5. Web Development

Your company’s website acts as its virtual storefront. It’s the first touchpoint of any future and current customer, and as such, needs to be adaptable. Your Web and Dev teams might need access to all your company’s assets more than anyone. When dealing with webpages, apps, platforms, and more, they need to be able to quickly and efficiently access relevant logos and images. One huge benefit of a full feature Digital Asset Management platform is the ability to implement integrations with the software platforms they use, including CMS and PIM systems. Your Web and Dev team no longer need to have multiple tabs open, they can now access all the assets they need, directly from the tools they are using.


Wrapping it up

As you can see, a DAM solution is not just a marketing tool, it’s a platform that empowers every piece of the business. Every team is using resources and assets in an organization, and having a method to store, share, edit and track these assets is crucial to maximize the efficiency of each team. The ability to pull assets straight from your DAM solution is something that everyone can appreciate, no matter where they are in the company.

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