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At Stacks, we always say that digital asset management (DAM) isn't a project or a platform, it's a program. Successfully managing digital assets from their creation to their retirement requires a perfect blend of technology, people, and processes. With that in mind, how does the search for a DAM platform fit into development of a healthy DAM program? In this portion of the Consumer's Guide, we define the different layers of a healthy DAM program and show why choosing a DAM platform is only one step in the journey towards DAM success.

Defining Digital Asset Management

1. Digital Asset Management Systems

Your organization's digital asset management (DAM) system is based on the way its digital assets are organized. Ideally, they're all collected in a single place. This place can be dedicated DAM software, a cloud-based file storage system like Dropbox or Box, a local server, or a collection of hard drives.

2. Digital Asset Management Platforms

While every DAM platform is a DAM system, every DAM system isn’t a DAM platform. A DAM platform is a specific type of software for housing digital assets. Different platforms offer features that enable the storage of assets and also support the dynamic management of these assets as they’re used to generate value for an organization.

3. Digital Asset Management Programs

To maximize your investment in creating and organizing compelling content, you need a comprehensive DAM program. The right program ensures that people understand their roles, that the processes for them to follow are clear and in line with how your organization does business, and that there’s a platform in place with the features that meet the needs of your workflow. DAM programs grow, change, and evolve, even when the technology behind them doesn’t.

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