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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, effective brand management is crucial for organizations to maintain a consistent and impactful presence. 

Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms play a pivotal role in streamlining brand management processes, ensuring that organizations can efficiently create, store, and distribute digital assets related to their brand. In this article, we’ll discuss the fundamental features of DAM platforms and how they can drive successful brand management strategies.


All Brand Content in a Single Source of Truth

Effective brand management is difficult when brand content—logos, graphics, colors, and fonts—is spread across multiple platforms, servers, and hard drives. In this scenario, there's no governance ensuring that people are using the newest version of their organization's logo or adhering to the brand’s overall visual identity.

The single most important step you can take towards more effective brand management for your organization is to collect all brand materials into a single source of truth. This enables all users to pull brand materials from the same place. It also allows your team to see what's available to users, manage access permissions, and regularly archive outdated or off-brand content.

Brand toolbox


Customizable Brand Guidelines

When your single source of truth stores digital assets and also provides guidance to your users on how to effectively utilize brand materials, it reinforces the brand identity you worked hard to establish.

To this end, many DAM platforms allow organizations to create and enforce customizable brand guidelines within their system. From logos and fonts to color palettes and design templates, these guidelines ensure that all stakeholders adhere to brand standards, resulting in cohesive and impactful brand communications.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of Brand Guidelines from DAM platform vendors:

Aprimo’s Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines pages in Aprimo allow teams to create and share brand and campaign guidelines, logos, and other materials required in brand or marketing campaigns. This helps ensure that only on-brand and on-message content is created for every campaign, department, or region. 

With this DAM capability, you can centrally equip all teams—internal and external—with everything they need to create and deliver exceptional omnichannel experiences. When all brand assets, guidelines, and templates are in a single location, you can be confident that only on-brand content and experiences make their way into the market.


A thorough collection of brand guidelines promotes a strong brand and consistent campaigns. It keeps your team moving in the same direction, shortens the time to market, and improves your core brand elements.

Mike Centioli, SVP of Partnerships and GTM Strategy, Aprimo


Brand Guidelines pages can be used for:

  • Brand management: Streamline content creation and iteration with quick access to on-brand assets, guidelines, and templates.
  • Media repository: Point your teams to a single location for access to brand and campaign content to share with prospects and customers. 
  • External end users: Maintain global brand consistency by ensuring all your agencies, partners, and external teams can only use on-brand assets. 


Benefits include:

  • Allowing brand managers to create and share brand and campaign guidelines, logos, and more directly in the DAM to ensure that only on-brand and on-message content is created.
  • Creating dynamic brand portal experiences for all your brand and product lines—with unique URLs for each one.
  • Giving back time to your creatives and designers by empowering others to easily create personalized or localized content for use in different markets. 

Learn More about Aprimo

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Frontify’s Brand Guidelines

 Frontify’s unique approach to DAM goes beyond any typical DAM expectations. Rather than acting solely as an asset library, Frontify simplifies the content lifecycle while giving it the right brand context. 

Frontify’s platform is designed to support a single-to-multi-brand setup, providing a customizable solution to organizations of all sizes. Regardless of whether you have a local or an international presence, Frontify is built to grow and adapt to your organization. Users have an overview of brand-related assets organized into guidelines, libraries, and projects. Digital and print templates are also available so that they can create customized on-brand visuals autonomously. 

Frontify asset kit Aika Zikibayeva

Frontify’s modern approach to DAM combines guidelines and DAM under one roof, giving creative teams the space to properly manage and distribute their digital assets while creating memorable and consistent brand experiences.

Digge Zetterberg, VP Marketing, Frontify

With Frontify’s comprehensive setup, your users can easily reference specific assets or libraries within your guidelines through links, content blocks, or the navigation itself. This ensures that assets will always be used in the right context and also resonate with your target audiences. In addition, access permissions can be set to ensure proper control of all assets and guidelines, providing an ideal way to manage, utilize, and distribute assets, stay on-brand effortlessly, and adhere to compliance and legal requirements.

This ultimately supports a DAM strategy by streamlining asset management, enhancing brand consistency, and ensuring that an organization is well-equipped to adapt to future market changes while maintaining a strong brand identity. 

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Brandfolder’s Brand Guidelines

Brandfolder's Brandguide tool keeps your brand consistent, no matter who’s telling your story. Brandguide provides a straightforward handbook of how your brand assets should be used by both internal and external parties. It pulls content directly from your Brandfolder platform, seamlessly keeping your brand consistent and automatically updated. You can build out your brand guidelines with the structure, content, and style you need to clearly communicate every detail and carry your organization to the next level. 

Screenshot 2024 03 01 at 10 29 55 AM Haley Patrone


Brandguide will always have the latest, up-to-date versions of your brand assets. It links directly to pages within your Brandguide, to provide partners exactly what they need. You can customize header images, color blocks, customizable fonts, and more. Brandguide enables you to share details about your next event, campaign, product, and more in one place thus taking brand consistency to the next level.

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Leveraging the power of a DAM platform is essential for effective brand management in today's digital age. By investing in a robust DAM solution, organizations can streamline their asset organization, enforce brand guidelines, and greatly enhance their brand presence across various touchpoints. To discover how our innovative DAM solutions can revolutionize your brand management practices, contact Stacks today!

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