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Stacks DAM Integrations: Acquia DAM Platform + Salsify PIM System

Ben Owen

By Ben Owen | Jun 03, 2024

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Our goal at Stacks is to help our clients grow their digital asset management (DAM) programs and ultimately their brands. Our team of DAM managers, librarians, and strategists provide services at every stage of the DAM journey, engaging with people, processes, and platforms to create successful DAM programs

Along with those services, we offer specific DAM integrations we’ve created and our unique perspective on scoping, building, and managing these connectors between key systems in Marcom tech stacks. To learn more about our approach, click the button below. 


Stacks' Approach to DAM Integrations

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Our development team recently built a bi-directional integration between Acquia’s DAM platform and Salsify’s product information management (PIM) system. This integration allows brands to keep their product imagery up-to-date, easy to manage, and accessible to all relevant stakeholders. To learn more about connecting your DAM platform and PIM systems, check out this blog on our website.

In this article, we'll outline the core capabilities of our Acquia DAM platform-to-Salsify PIM system integration and demonstrate how it works in the real world.  We’ll also provide a way for you to connect with our team to learn more about how you can utilize this integration at your organization.


Core Capabilities of the Acquia DAM Platform + Salsify PIM System Integration


Sync Assets from the Acquia DAM Platform to Salsify PIM System Records

As we mentioned earlier,  this integration is “bi-directional.” This means that information flows between the two systems regularly. In other words, data from the Acquia DAM platform flows into the Salsify PIM system and data from the Salsify PIM system flows into the Acquia DAM platform. 

The data flowing from the Acquia DAM platform into Salsify’s PIM system is in the form of product-related digital assets, whether they are product shots, packaging files, or other types of files. These assets can be directly related to the products already existing in Salsify based on the product number, SKU, or another field. They are updated regularly to ensure that the products any potential customers view are current and compelling.

Check out the video below to learn more:


Sync Salsify PIM Data to Acquia DAM Platform Metadata Fields

The second direction of data flows is from the Salsify PIM system to the Acquia DAM platform. This data comes in the form of metadata (product information) that can be attached to or updated within the DAM platform to specific assets based on the product record they're associated with in Salsify. 

This metadata will be updated regularly based on changes or updates made in Salsify. This makes the DAM program much easier to navigate and keep clean, and assets easier to find and filter, without your users manually updating metadata in two separate systems. This allows users to find assets more easily, and also enables them to choose assets to use more accurately, resulting in more effective marketing and creative materials.

Check out the video below to learn more: 


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At Stacks, we aim to provide a path towards DAM success in several ways, from project-based services to ongoing support to integrations. To learn more about us and how we partner with brands of all shapes and sizes, contact us today using the button below.

Like our services and the DAM programs we support, our integrations will grow and evolve. Watch for updates and new features we'll make available regularly to existing clients and customers!

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