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DAM Best Practices

3 Best Practices for Staffing an Internal DAM Team

Ben Owen

By Ben Owen | Aug 21, 2023


In today's fast-paced digital landscape, organizing and managing your digital assets efficiently and effectively is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. This is where a Digital Asset Management (DAM) program comes into play.

Having the right technology is just one part of the equation; you also need a dedicated, experienced, and skilled internal DAM team to ensure the system's success. In this article, we'll explore the best practices for staffing an internal DAM team to maximize your organization's success in harnessing the power of its digital assets.

Authority: Empowering Your DAM Team

When it comes to managing your organization's digital assets, the DAM team needs to be able to make, implement, and enforce decisions. Establishing a DAM team with the appropriate authority is the first step toward success. The team should have the power to make decisions about specific DAM workflows and standards and execute them. Centralizing authority prevents bottlenecks and ensures that the DAM system is utilized to its fullest potential.

An effective DAM team should include individuals with a deep understanding of your organization's workflows, content lifecycle, and strategic goals. Team members should be empowered to define and enforce governance standards and hold end-users accountable. This ensures that your DAM system is a unified source of truth, streamlines processes, and reduces the risk of inconsistent asset management.

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Neutrality: Balancing Stakeholder Needs

A successful DAM program serves multiple stakeholder groups within and outside the organization. This means your internal DAM team should maintain a neutral stance to balance these diverse needs and content-related goals. This neutrality ensures that the DAM program isn’t favoring one department over another, leading to equitable resource allocation and enhancing overall collaboration.

The DAM team acts as a bridge between creative, marketing, sales, and other departments, listening to their requirements and translating them into effective DAM strategies. The team can prioritize asset discovery, optimize metadata tagging, and enforce compliance without bias by maintaining neutrality. This approach fosters a culture of inclusivity and collaboration, leading to increased efficiency and program adoption.

Expertise: Nurturing DAM Prowess

Digital Asset Management is a specialized field that requires a combination of technical expertise and a deep understanding of content management principles. To maximize the success of your DAM program, your internal team should be composed of individuals with diverse skill sets and a dedication to staying current with industry trends.

Your DAM team should include professionals with a range of expertise, from metadata management and taxonomy creation to user training and technical support. The team is responsible for accomplishing tactical tasks daily and for aligning DAM workflows with broader strategies and driving continuous improvement. By adopting a continuous learning and skill development culture, your DAM team will be equipped to adapt to evolving challenges and make informed decisions that encourage optimal asset utilization.

Unlock the Power of Your Digital Assets with Stacks

In today's digital era, the effective management of digital assets can make or break an organization's success. By establishing an internal DAM team with authority, neutrality, and DAM expertise, you'll set the stage for maximizing the potential of your DAM program.

Empower your DAM team with the authority to make crucial decisions, maintain the neutrality needed to balance stakeholder needs, and foster the expertise necessary for driving continuous improvement. Doing so ensures that your DAM program is a valuable strategic asset, enhancing collaboration, efficiency, and brand consistency.

If you lack the personnel internally to build this kind of team, contact Stacks today! Our experienced DAM librarians, managers, and directors can serve as your DAM team, ensuring you unlock your digital assets' full potential. Get in touch with us and embark on a journey towards streamlined workflows and exceptional digital asset management.

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