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Increasing DAM Adoption: Strategies for User Engagement

Ben Owen

By Ben Owen | Jul 05, 2023


Have you ever given a gift that was never used or, far worse, regifted? Not only does your investment in the gift go to waste, but you’ve been emotionally wounded as well. Most likely, your gift would’ve made the recipient’s life easier and more enjoyable. If they didn’t use it or gave it away, they missed out on those benefits.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is an essential tool for organizations that allows them to efficiently organize, store, and distribute their digital assets. Just as in our example above, having a DAM platform is a gift to your organization that provides many advantages if it’s used. To make certain this occurs, your organization must focus on user engagement strategies to maximize the adoption and utilization of its platform.

In this blog post, we'll explore key strategies that can help organizations increase DAM adoption and drive better engagement among their users.

Streamline User Onboarding and Training

A smooth and comprehensive onboarding process is essential to ensure users quickly adapt to a DAM platform and understand its features and benefits. Here are a few strategies to streamline user onboarding and training:

Clear and intuitive interface: As you evaluate DAM platforms and/or build a DAM program around one, ensure that the user interface is straightforward, easy to understand, and uses words your employees employ every day. This requires your DAM platform to be attractive and all your DAM standards to be aligned with your current processes.

To ensure this, implement clear folder and file names, de-clutter your digital asset library by archiving out-of-date assets and implementing permissions, and provide visual cues to guide users and help them find what they need efficiently.

Customized user training: Develop tailored training programs for different user groups based on their roles and responsibilities within your organization and the DAM program specifically. Facilitate self-paced learning by providing interactive tutorials, video guides, and documentation while also making DAM experts available to answer questions.

Dedicated support channels: Offer multiple channels for users to seek assistance and get their queries resolved promptly. These can include email support, live chat, or a dedicated support portal to enhance user satisfaction and engagement.

A common project for many of our clients is setting up a DAM help desk where end-users can submit questions, get help troubleshooting problems, and more.

Regular Communication and Feedback

Open and transparent communication channels can play a pivotal role in driving user engagement with your DAM platform. Consider the following strategies:

Newsletters and updates: Send regular newsletters or updates to users highlighting new features, tips, and best practices. Keep them informed about platform improvements and upcoming enhancements to maintain their interest and engagement. Coordinate with your DAM platform vendor to ensure their thought leadership and educational materials are available to your end-users.

Stacks regularly produces DAM-related articles like this one that is free to share with your team. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need resources on specific topics. We’d be glad to provide them.

User feedback and suggestions: Encourage your users to provide feedback and suggestions for improving the DAM platform. Actively listen to their input and incorporate valuable ideas into future updates. This cultivates a sense of ownership among users, making them feel valued and more likely to engage with the platform.

We’ve found that short surveys and user interviews are the best ways to collect feedback for a DAM program. By doing this, you a quickly gauge the overall health of your program.

User forums and communities: Establish user forums or online communities where users can interact with each other, share experiences, and seek advice. This facilitates knowledge sharing and creates a sense of belonging within the user base. Many of these types of groups already exist on LinkedIn and can be quickly and easily found. If you need help getting plugged into the DAM community, Stacks is happy to help!


Increasing DAM adoption and user engagement require a holistic approach that focuses on user onboarding, ongoing support, and effective communication channels. By implementing these strategies, your organization can create an environment that encourages active participation, enhances user satisfaction, and ultimately maximizes the value derived from your DAM platform.

Remember, engaged users are more likely to leverage the full potential of your DAM solution, leading to improved productivity, streamlined workflows, and increased business success for your organization.

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