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DAM Resources to Empower and Energize Your Branding Efforts

Ben Owen

By Ben Owen | Feb 24, 2022

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How Branding and DAM Intersect

A brand, according to Boundless, is “a personality that identifies a product, service or company, including a name, term, sign, symbol or design. A brand also represents the relationships between customers, staff, partners, investors, and so forth.” Branding has impacts on, most importantly, your organization’s relationships with potential customers in the form of brand loyalty, image, and relatability, but also on employee morale (according to LucidPress).

Because of this, the task of maintaining and managing your brand’s image in the marketplace is of the utmost importance. Today, a majority of that image comes in the form of content delivered through channels such as television, social media, your website, as well as in the words and overall messaging of that content. Consumers in 2022 value authenticity, corporate social responsibility, and consistency. They want to know what your brand cares about, why what you do matters, and how buying from you will help them make a difference in the world.

In order to build and maintain branding that is compelling and engaging to these kinds of consumers, you must properly manage the content through which that branding is delivered. This is where digital asset management (DAM) becomes critical to your company’s bottom line. Below, we have compiled a list of resources to help you not only establish DAM best practices and implement a program to properly manage digital assets but to use that program to empower your branding.

DAM Resources to Empower Your Brand

Brand Consistency

With a proper DAM program, there are many built-in lines of defense against off-brand content reaching the marketplace. A formal asset approval process, however, all but guarantees this doesn't happen.

Brand Guidelines

Does your brand struggle to produce and find approved content in line with your brand guidelines? A robust and well-managed DAM program can help you enforce guidelines and approve assets, getting compelling content where it needs to go quickly.

Brand Identity

A strong brand identity works wonders for achieving your goals and creating a lasting impact on consumers, but how do you achieve it?

Brand Authenticity

Core values are the secret ingredient that makes everything in your organization run more smoothly, but they don't just apply internally. Consumers want to see and know your core values as well.

Brand Storytelling

From top to bottom, your brand's processes and workflows should reflect your story, ensuring that your customers see a consistent story.

Branding + DAM Webinar

IntelligenceBank is hosting a webinar on how to “bring your brand to life - with Online Brand Guidelines that inspire, educate, and keep your team on brand.” This includes lessons on how how to digitize your Brand Guidelines and make your existing brand guidelines more interactive, set up Online Brand Guidelines to streamline brand requests and track brand governance, and how Online Brand Guidelines can be used to save time, improve brand compliance, and bring your brand to life.

Date: Thursday 3rd March

Time: 1 pm PST

Duration: 30 minutes

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