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Now, the party begins. You’ve done all the work necessary to ensure that your file migration runs as smoothly as possible. Be sure to keep in mind that nothing ever goes fully to plan. Now all that’s left to do is to implement your project roadmap and DAM standards.

While proper scoping, plan, and prep help this process run efficiently, migrating assets can still be time-consuming, especially when you’re adding metadata to them that wasn’t there before. Consider who’ll be doing this work and if you and your team can execute it well and in a timely manner given your other responsibilities.

Throughout the course of your migration, problems will arise, progress will be made, and questions will need to be answered. Below are some things to consider throughout the migration process to ensure the outcome you desire can be achieved.

  • How frequently will progress be reported? By who and to whom? In what format?
  • How will risks and issues be identified and escalated? Who is responsible for solving them?
  • Who has time to oversee the migration and enrichment process?
  • Do you have personnel to execute necessary migration tasks on a day-to-day basis?

Hire "Movers" if Needed

Moving is an opportunity to get rid of things you don’t need (i.e., archive irrelevant files) and create new forms of organization (i.e., apply more robust metadata and structure). It’s also a time when things tend to get broken, lost, and thrown away by accident. This is especially true on moving days when things are getting lifted, put in vehicles, and unloaded through tight doorways.

To minimize this risk, many people hire moving companies with professional staff members who understand the moving process and its best practices. They are also experts in packing, organizing, and unloading goods and furniture.

Exactly the same things are true for DAM migrations. Assets can become disorganized, data can be misplaced or lost, and the platform configured incorrectly or slowly. If you need help minimizing the risk your organization faces throughout your migration, contact Stacks! We are the movers of digital asset management, helping organizations of all shapes and sizes get settled into their new homes the right way.

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