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Once all the boxes are unloaded from the moving truck, it’s time to unpack them. Dishes are arranged in cabinets, furniture is put into the right place, and pictures are hung on the wall. Perhaps small home improvement projects such as painting walls or planting new bushes in the yard are started.

In the same way, moving all your assets into their new home isn’t the final step in the migration process. Like your pots and pans, ensure your assets end up where you can find them and use them the way you need to. Double-check the metadata, organizational structure, integrations, and workflows— basically everything critical to your DAM program’s continued success.

Quality Control to Ensure Continued Success

With a project as large and comprehensive as a file migration, quality assurance is key to sustained success. There are a lot of moving parts and pieces of technology (not to mention humans) that need to communicate with each other. If not managed well, this can lead to things slipping through the cracks which can damage end-user experience in the future.

Be diligent in quality controlling and auditing as many of your freshly-uploaded assets as possible once they're in your new system. Be sure to pressure test your newly-created standards, workflows, and processes, as well as each new piece of technology to make sure it will stand the test of time.

When you build or rent a new home, the builder or owner will have you walk through the unit and make what's called a "punch list." This is essentially a list of things to be fixed or addressed before you fully close the deal. Punch lists are an important tool for your team as you close out the DAM migration process. Continually identify ways to clean up the newly-built library to ensure you can start from a clean slate.

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