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DAM Management

DAM Governance: A Roadmap to Effective DAM Management

Ben Owen

By Ben Owen | Sep 05, 2023


Picture captains of trading vessels navigating the high seas. They are responsible for sailing their ships from one port to another. They must also ensure that their cargo, which consists of vital supplies for people on the mainland, arrives safely. They must do this despite storms they can't control and a crew with varying degrees of experience. In many ways, governing a digital asset management (DAM) program presents similar challenges and difficulties.

Much like ship captains, DAM teams need reliable tools, seasoned crew, and knowledge about the seas they travel to ensure their cargo (digital assets) makes it to the right port. This is where a DAM program comes into play. Just as a skilled captain successfully guides a ship to its destination using the proper tools and a well-defined route, DAM program governance ensures that the right assets are available to users and stakeholders when needed.

Setting the Course: Defining DAM Governance

In the world of DAM, governance refers to the strategic approach an organization takes to manage its digital assets, as well as the people, processes, and platforms that use them. This entails a set of rules, processes, and roles that ensure assets are created, stored, organized, and shared in a consistent and controlled manner. DAM governance, like a good captain, provides guidance and structure to the various stakeholders and processes involved in managing digital assets.


Key Components of DAM Governance

Asset Lifecycle Management

During a long voyage, cargo may shift, become disorganized, and even be damaged. DAM governance oversees every stage of the digital asset lifecycle, from asset creation and metadata tagging to version control and archiving. This ensures that your assets stay relevant and accessible, avoiding the pitfalls of disorder and loss, regardless of the challenges your organization may encounter.

Access and Permissions

Just as different crew members have specific responsibilities on a ship, individuals in an organization require varying levels of access to digital assets. DAM governance defines who can access, edit, and distribute specific assets. This prevents the unauthorized use of assets and enables smooth collaboration among team members.

Metadata Mastery

To carry the cargo analogy further, imagine that the DAM governance team, like a captain, logs, categorizes, and organizes the digital assets in their care. Their organizational efforts include establishing metadata standards that make it easier to search, locate, and utilize assets.

This not only allows specific digital assets to be found quickly but also facilitates the ingestion (loading the ship) and distribution (unloading the ship) of assets.

The Benefits of Effective DAM Governance

When a ship is guided by a steady hand, it safely reaches its destination. Similarly, effective DAM governance offers a range of benefits:

Growing Efficiency

Streamlined processes lead to efficient asset management—users no longer waste time searching for an elusive image or editing the wrong version of a document. It's important to note, however, that a DAM program won’t be operating at peak efficiency immediately after it is launched. With proper governance, it will steadily become more efficient and effective. As standards and processes become more refined, users (the crew) will become more adept at navigating the program, and the benefits of the DAM program will justify greater investment in it.

Brand Consistency

DAM governance ensures that your brand’s assets are used uniformly across all channels, reinforcing brand identity and growing brand loyalty. Without skillful governance, your DAM program is likely to veer into rocky and dangerous waters, resulting in disorganization, increasing risk, and decreasing return on investment (ROI). Proper governance enforces consistency and adherence to guidelines throughout the asset lifecycle, minimizing the risk that potential customers will be exposed to off-brand or out-of-date content.

Compliance Compass

In the stormy sea of copyright, usage, and licensing permissions, DAM governance acts as your brand’s compass, ensuring that your organization's data management practices adhere to legal requirements. The DAM governance team navigates these waters safely by continuously updating metadata standards, improving processes, adding new features, and training new users.

Sail into Success with Stacks

Just as a ship needs a skilled captain and reliable navigation tools to reach its destination, your organization needs the expertise of DAM professionals to sail successfully through the digital landscape. The Stacks team understands the challenges of managing digital assets and can provide a comprehensive solution to your DAM governance challenges.

With guidance and support from the Stacks team of experts, you can steer your organization toward efficient, consistent, and compliant DAM program management. Don't let your digital assets drift aimlessly—contact Stacks today!

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