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DAM 101

What We Have Learned about Digital Asset Management from COVID-19

Ben Owen

By Ben Owen | Sep 20, 2021

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Adapting to Coronavirus Demands on Digital Assets and Why Now Is The Perfect Time for Business Evolution

According to an article posted by USA Today, the Coronavirus pandemic caused the second-largest single-day financial decline in modern history, rivaled only by the Wall Street Crash of 1929. Shutdowns, quarantines, and safety precautions caused a wave of economic uncertainty that left companies with two options, adapt, or die.

This crisis certainly changed the game and is forcing brands to stay relevant by connecting to customers in new ways. Many businesses now offer new services and are reconsidering how existing services are delivered.

With so much up in the air, companies understandably find themselves under pressure to reduce spending. However, with these new digital offerings came the need to find new tools and workflows to manage the digital content fueling these products.

To set your brand up to thrive in a post-pandemic landscape, it is important to understand why now might be the perfect time to incorporate Digital Asset Management (DAM) into your workflow.

Your Staff is Now Remote

If your brand allows staff to stay safe and work from home, you are surely experiencing a learning curve. Office equipment needs and provisions look a lot different than when your workforce was working from their office desks.

Now, more than ever, cloud-based DAM technology is the most important tool you can provide your digital marketing and design staff to encourage organization, collaboration, and efficient time management.

With proper DAM systems in place, your team can access every resource they need, exactly when they need it. No more waiting for email responses to learn where an asset is and what format it needs to be downloaded. No more worrying about an employee mismanaging their technology and opening the business up to liability. Your team simply needs to log in to have all your digital assets securely at their fingertips.

We Are Getting Used to the “New Normal”, Together.

You know that feeling you get after Spring cleaning? You have cleared the clutter from your closets, possibly rearranged furniture, or pulled all the weeds from your flower beds. Now you can take a deep breath, admire your progress, and move forward in a positive, empowered direction.

The same goes for adapting to new working arrangements forced upon us by COVID-19. Your staff is getting used to being a remote workforce and a new way of doing business. Now is the perfect time to introduce a new workflow that will be that breath of fresh air everyone has longed for.

Adding digital asset management to the “new normal” allows your team to remotely come together over this new system. This protects and continues the valuable company culture you worked so hard to create when everyone was under one roof.

Visual Marketing Campaigns Are More Important Than Ever.

Companies need to thoughtfully consider how they are connecting with their audiences. The need to shop from home has consumers changing the marketing landscape.

As industries fight to keep up with the amount of content that is demanded, notice how this content is being utilized and stored. If brands do not have a proper DAM platform in place, content is likely to get lost or misplaced.

One of the core benefits of DAM platforms is the secure, centralized, and organized storage of content. The Coronavirus pandemic revealed the need for these practices by forcing businesses to adapt to a new market.

Space to Focus Inward.

A dip in business is something you and your investors would never want to see. A silver lining exists in this unprecedented time of slowdown, however. It gives businesses and individuals time to stop and reflect on what they are currently doing.

Now is the time to analyze what processes are working for your company and pivot away from the areas that are not. Countless brands are taking advantage of the changing world we live in. They are adjusting and adapting their messages to create long-term stability and growth.

As your business examines its digital asset workflow, consider some of the following questions:

  1. Are assets easy to access, search for, and find within the current library structure?
  2. Is our current method of storing and sharing scalable? If we grew like we wanted to, would a wave of new content be a problem for us?
  3. Is the platform we are currently using right for our team? What features are most important to our workflow?

Ensuring Customer Relationships Outlast COVID-19.

No matter the industry, a key to success is making sure your customer relationships outlast ups and downs like COVID. These are uncertain times for your client as well. They are feeling the pressure to justify every dollar spent. Security in their investment is their top priority.

By developing digital asset management systems now, you can save time and resources for you and your clients by having a clear understanding of what assets you own and where they are, and quickly sharing effective content. There are many benefits of DAM that can be noted here, but while every fee is being scrutinized, ensure client retention by quickly delivering quality work in half the time.

If you have decided it is time for a workflow that outlives Coronavirus and would like more information about getting started, the Stacks team is always here to help. Reach out for your custom DAM solution today.

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