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Step 3

Learn More About DAM

Once you've seen a need for digital asset management, it's been prioritized, and the team is in place you can get started defining your ideal DAM program based on organizational needs, goals, budget, and staff requirements.

This stage is about gaining a clearer picture of where you'd like to start in DAM, otherwise known as your minimum viable product (MVP). On day one of your digital asset management program's launch, what exists? What are the top priorities for you and your end users? When is it launched, and to whom?

Goals & Activities

  • Identify your core stakeholder groups and determine the best representative from each
  • Educate your stakeholders on the basics of DAM, its benefits, core roles, and foundational tools. 
  • Apply basic DAM principles to your organization. What’s possible? What are the ideal outcomes? 
  • Determine the next steps for building your program. What high-level tasks must be done?

Best-in-class organizations form a DAM coalition that works to advance DAM adoption, maximize content ROI, and drive a productive customer experience.

Jake Athey, VP, DAM & PIM, Acquia


Common Mistakes

  • Focusing solely on specific departmental issues and/or short-term initiatives (i.e. “Tunnel Vision”)
  • Defining DAM as only a platform or a one-time project instead of as an ongoing program that serves all end-users.
  • Not aligning basic DAM principles with broader organizational goals and/or guidelines.
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Successfully Take the Next Step in DAM

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