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Step 4

Find a DAM Platform

Searching for and selecting a suitable DAM platform that addresses your needs is one of the guiding decisions that your DAM team will make when building a DAM program. While a DAM program is made up of people, processes, and platforms together, making the right choice in terms of technology for your team's needs can lead to increased return on investment down the road. 

The research, evaluation, and selection of a platform, however, have to be done in the context of the previous stages and those yet to come. Many organizations start here on their DAM journey, depending on the platform to do all the work, and end up regretting it.

Goals & Activities

  • Identify your organization’s unique requirements for a DAM platform. Separate “Must-Haves” and “Nice-to-Haves”.
  • Determine a clear budget and timeline for the full-scale implementation of the platform.
  • Quantify the assets (number + storage), users, and administrators you’ll need for your MVP and beyond.

Selecting a DAM platform is just as much about the people - trust, consultation, and collaboration are crucial with your DAM of choice, and the only way you can derive the most value possible from the solution.

Heidi Lasker, Chief Customer Officer, Bynder

Common Mistakes

  • Neglecting to begin the evaluation process with well-defined criteria for platforms to meet.
  • Getting swept up by unique, low-priority features, a.k.a “Shiny Object Syndrome.”
  • Not accounting for onboarding, migration, and integration costs during the negotiation process with potential vendors.
  • Focusing only on short-term organizational priorities, excluding a long-term roadmap that may impact content workflows.
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