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Step 7

Put it all Together

Roll out the new system, complete with assets, workflows, integrations, and trained users, confidently. If you've done your due diligence and put in the work to this point, the actual launch of the DAM program becomes one of the simpler parts of the project. 

To keep things on track, lean on people. These can include your dedicated DAM team, your core stakeholder group, end users who are bought into and excited about the DAM program, or external partners such as consultants or customer service managers. The stages preceding this one set the table for a large group of people who know their role in the DAM program and are excited to execute it.

When making the DAM program a reality, much like moving into a new home, take the opportunity to start fresh. Don't rush things in order to meet an arbitrary deadline. Go slow, pay attention to detail, and do the in-the-weeds work now in order that down the road you can go fast.

Goals & Activities

  • Collect priority assets together and remove duplicates.
  • Migrate assets into your recently adopted DAM platform and enrich them with new metadata throughout the process.
  • Quality control migrated assets to ensure their proper organization and accessibility.
  • Train your primary user groups and provide ongoing support for several weeks following the initial training period.

Lean into your community of excited champions to spread the word and serve as an internal cohort to help you drive adoption, build governance, and prioritize ongoing work. 

Leah Carlson, Senior Manager of Global Digital Growth, McCormick & Co.

Common Mistakes

  • Not seizing the opportunity to clean up, organize, and standardize assets and the metadata attached to them.
  • Migrating all assets to the DAM platform, without considering their priority or relevance, creates clutter from day one.
  • Conducting unspecific, generic training sessions with large user groups.
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