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Step 5

Build the Foundation

Establishing the framework for your DAM program, including processes, standards, platform configuration, and more is truly the bedrock of a healthy and scalable starting point. It is critical, with your DAM platform selection in mind, to develop and document these foundational processes before getting down to implementation. 

These workflows and procedures will not only guide users through their experience in the DAM system, but also your team as they configure the platform, create training plans, migrate and enrich assets, and onboard new users.

Goals & Activities

  • Develop standards, workflows, and processes unique to your organization using DAM best practices. Focus first on metadata taxonomy, user groups, and core workflows.
  • Configure the DAM platform to support your core workflows, including integrations with other systems.
  • Document standards and processes clearly for reference by your end-users.

Aim to set a solid baseline for your DAM, but in the initial phases avoid overcomplicating solutions and covering all potential use cases – avoid “boiling the ocean”. 

Maja Pejcic, Director of Delivery & Competency Management, Aprimo


Common Mistakes

  • Not spending sufficient time developing standards and processes tailored to your use cases and users.
  • Failing to involve all stakeholders and/or end-users in the workflow development process, leading to non-intuitive and hard-to-follow procedures.
  • Skipping this step entirely.
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