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Step 8

Continuously Improve

Monitoring, measuring effectiveness, enhancing, and expanding the DAM program post-launch can be a full-time job. Without it, however, your DAM program is doomed to stagnate and lose relevance to end users quickly. In today's world, content strategies and marketing priorities shift in a matter of weeks. The program you use to manage the assets at the heart of those ever-shifting goals and strategies must be able to scale and change as well.

As you launch your DAM program, take a moment to celebrate. Pat yourself and the rest of your DAM team on a job well done. Once that moment is over, however, it's time to look ahead. Who else needs access to this program? How will you migrate their assets and onboard their users? Who will be responsible for ensuring the system remains clean? Where will users go if they have questions? How can you make things even more efficient?

Goals & Activities

  • Track the efficiency of the program by setting up data and analytics dashboards, using the DAM platform or other systems.
  • Collect user feedback within the first two months of launch, identifying any gaps or issues.
  • Identify opportunities for program growth over the next 12-18 months.
  • Expand the DAM program to other departments and teams, both internal and external.

DAM is a journey. DAM does not end after launch. It is a moving target because things continue to evolve, whether it be within the business strategies and goals or new use cases for DAM.

Emily Castle, DAM Owner, Reebok

Common Mistakes

  • Neglecting to properly govern the DAM program over time, leads to diminishing returns and the recurrence of old problems.
  • Failing to provide support and resources for new hires, leads to decreased adoption and increased mistakes.
  • Relying solely on one or two key administrators to manage the DAM program, leads to centralized institutional knowledge and risk.
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