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Step 6

Validate the Program

Conducting thorough testing and quality assurance before the launch not only ensures that what you created on paper works in the real world, but also gives you an opportunity to include end users and stakeholders who will use the DAM program day in, and day out. 

This engagement not only allows you to launch to these users more confidently, but also ensures that they will use the system, generating a return on investment (ROI) from day one.

Goals & Activities

  • Pressure test your standards, workflows, and processes within the DAM platform with your end users, collecting feedback and adjusting documentation accordingly.
  • Ensure that integrations are working properly and have been debugged.
  • Plan the rollout of the DAM platform, considering any downtime in systems or for the onboarding of new users.

After laying the foundation of your DAM program, it’s critical to try and break it. This should be a continuous process woven into every stage of future DAM development.

Robert Boag, Chief Executive Officer, Stacks

Common Mistakes

  • Failing to account for the time it takes specific processes to execute and standards to apply, leads to unrealistic expectations and assignments of work.
  • Neglecting to establish proper points of contact and lines of communication with platform vendors and technology partners to handle troubleshooting and questions from end-users.
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