Step 1

See the Need for DAM

Recognizing the need for a digital asset management (DAM) program and gaining awareness about its benefits to your users and organization is the first step towards making it a reality. Often, this process begins with a small group of content creators, marketers, or administrators who bear the day-to-day burden of managing digital assets.

To find success at this stage, these DAM stakeholders must feel empowered to bring their findings to leadership and decision-makers. If you are one of these people, keep going! Learn more about how digital asset management can elevate your digital asset strategy and execution to the next level.


Goals & Activities

  • Identify all bottlenecks, obstacles, inefficiencies, and risks that DAM could address
  • Categorize issues into those solved by people, processes, or platforms
  • Quantify the wasted time, energy, and opportunity costs of losing access to assets in a clear Return on Investment (ROI) Statement.
  • Map out your current asset lifecycle, answering “Who? What? Where? When? and How?”


Identifying and adhering to your organization's short and long-term goals not only creates a roadmap for immediate improvements but guides the evolution of your DAM strategy over time.

Maddy Synoground, DAM Director, Stacks


Common Mistakes

  • Failing to cultivate executive champions by demonstrating the benefits and ROI of a DAM program to the right people.
  • Attempting to build a DAM program without support for and investment in a holistic view of DAM, including people and processes.
  • Lacking proper authority, neutrality, and expertise on the team leading and executing the DAM effort.
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Successfully Take the Next Step in DAM

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